What is the LCR Future Energy Associate Programme?

The LCR Future Energy Associate Programme is a framework to develop a collaborative business model for the Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Sector.

Why Should I Join?

Liverpool houses one of the largest offshore windfarm in Europe, is at the forefront of innovation and technology for Energy capture.  There are also significant developments taking place within the production and use of Hydrogen as a source of power.

The next 20 years are going to see many technological developments contributing to a major revolution in how we generate, capture and store energy, which will also bring many commercial openings.  The future of Green Energy is now.  LCRFE is laying the foundations to prepare our local SME’s to become more globally competitive and confidently enter the supply chain for major projects, but we can’t do it alone.

What does it involve?

Small targeted events

The aim of the programme is to hold invitation only networking events on a quarterly basis for members to meet, share ideas and collaborate.  There are many networking events held across LCR, but this is differentiated by a focus on the Renewable Energy and Low Carbon sector, is invitation only and consultant to consultant.

Connecting LCR SME’S to develop supply chain opportunities

The LCRFE project is undertaking an ambitious supply chain mapping exercise across Liverpool City Region, the focus of which will be Renewable Energy production, storage and release and also Low Carbon innovation.

Over the coming months, LCRFE will be identifying eligible SME’S and inviting them to attend our training and support programme, which will enable them to build capacity, be supply chain compliant and become globally competitive.

Developing strong relationships with our associates ensures that we can raise awareness quickly, so that local businesses do not miss out on these opportunities.  Our associates will automatically be part of this initiative.

Adding Value to Your Proposition

LCRFE offers a grant support scheme, which allows us to reimburse your clients up to 30% of your fees.  This is something that our associates can include in their marketing literature and we have produced vouchers to assist with promotion.  We are also offering a free advertising slot to members of our associate programme in our monthly newsletter.

How do I join?

To find out more information on LCR Future Energy and joining, please contact Caroline.

Telephone:      0151 440 2062

Email:                 c.jones@inventyasolutions.com

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