Green Mole is the specialist energy efficiency division of directional drilling business, Mole Group.

Based in Wirral, Liverpool City Region, Green Mole work across the whole of the UK delivering energy saving products and services to customers for both domestic and commercial use. Green Mole’s ambition is to assist consumers in increasing their energy efficiency, aiding them to act responsibly in terms of their energy usage and saving them money in the process.

Green Mole deliver a wide range of products and services to help consumers reduce their energy consumption, with two LCRFE Team favourites being…

  • The Smartflower

This amazing piece of technology is the world’s first all-in-one solar system. Due to it’s smart tracking system, the Smartflower can automatically fold out each morning and move with the sunlight throughout the day, enabling the system to yield up to 40% energy than traditional solar roof panels. The system can be simply plugged in, and some models can even charge electric vehicles! Check out this video to see the Smartflower in action.

  • CombiSave

The CombiSave is valve that can be fitted to new and existing combi-boilers, which can save water and gas, reduce carbon emissions, whilst also speeding hot water delivery. The valve reduces the amount of fuel required for boilers by controlling the flow of water during the initial firing process. It is estimated that the CombiSave can save up to £250 on consumers’ water and gas bills each year. To find out more about the CombiSave, watch this video.

In addition to the two revolutionary technologies above Green Mole are also able to provide:

  • Advice on renewable technologies for both commercial and industrial use
  • Cabling for onshore wind farms
  • Installations of electric car charging points using their no-dig technology

To find out more information about any of the products and services mentioned above visit Green Mole’s website here or contact them on


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