The UK government has set a target for the UK to reduce its emissions by at least 80% of 1990 levels by 2050. To achieve this target, a massive shift is needed from UK car users to switch from fuel powered vehicles over to electric.

The planned banning of sales of petrol & diesel vehicles by 2040 will mean that the UK will approach an electric vehicle boom. However, for this to happen the UK will first need to build and improve its EV charging infrastructure to be able to supply the huge demand of electric vehicles that will be on our roads.

Franklin Energy, founded in 2013, is a North West based electric vehicle charging specialist. This forward-facing company is assisting the UK in meeting its clean air targets through its range of innovative solutions. Its success so far has been noted at this year’s ECHO Regional Business Awards, with founder Robert Byrne winning ‘Young Business Person of the Year’.

Franklin’s aspirations in the market are to see charging centres that are operated on a smart grid, fully utilising the renewable energy generated by solar and wind power to charge the vehicles. The company’s aim is that in the future there will be a whole network of these off-grid and environmentally sustainable charging centres across the UK.

To do this, the company supply innovative solutions such as their integrated advertising and EV charging points. This dual-purpose infrastructure allows the host to fund a sustainable and profitable EV charging infrastructure network; with proven results, as in prime locations these charging stations can pay back in as little as 15 months.

And it doesn’t stop there! Franklin’s EV network can now also be accessed any time via their app – LiFe cloud, assisting electric car drivers in finding their nearest charging point. LiFe’s sophisticated management system can continually monitor the network ensuring a 99% uptime, in addition to providing a real time live status of all charge points – eliminating the worry of arriving at a charging point to find out it’s broken.

For more information about Franklin Energy and their products, visit their website here. Or follow them on Twitter – @FranklinEnergy1

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