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News and information from the Renewable Energy and Low Carbon sector.


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Onshore Wind could save UK consumers £1.6 billion, says report

from LCR Future Energy

13th June 2018

Onshore Wind could save UK consumers £1.6 billion, says report The report – ‘The Power of Onshore Wind’ - carried out by BVG Associates has stated that awarding Contracts for...

Business of the Week: Extreme Low Energy (ELe)

from LCR Future Energy

11th June 2018

ELE is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of low energy infrastructures established in 2014 by Mark Buchanan, with an ambition to eliminate energy waste from the conversion process between AC...

Heathrow Airport expansion approved on World Environment Day 2018

from LCR Future Energy

6th June 2018

Yesterday it was announced that plans for a third runway at Heathrow have been approved by the UK Government. Ministers described their backing as a ‘historic moment’ for the UK....

The Future of Green Energy is Now

from LCR Future Energy

4th June 2018

UK Government has committed £225 million funding as part of its Clean Air Strategy. UK targets to ban sales of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040. The transport sector accounts...

Event Recap: Future Energy Supply Chains & the Opportunity of the Mersey Tidal Power Plan

from LCR Future Energy

23rd May 2018

LCR Future Energy hosted its own breakfast event yesterday morning, focusing on the theme of Future Energy Supply Chains & and the huge opportunity for LCR businesses in regard to...

Report states that excess renewable energy should be stored in Hydrogen

from LCR Future Energy

14th May 2018

Excess power generated from renewable sources, such as wind and solar, could be used to create hydrogen via electrolysis and could then be stored in the gas grid – making...


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