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We are recruiting for a Senior Accounting and Compliance Officer (ERDF)

from LCR Future Energy

19th April 2018

The Senior Accounting and Compliance Officer will be responsible for the day to day management the company's project finances, audit systems and the procurement of goods and services. This will include supporting the Project Ma...

Supply chain review to take place for the UK offshore wind sector

from LCR Future Energy

18th April 2018

To ensure that the UK remains a global leader in wind generation the UK Offshore Wind Industry Council (OWIC) has announced that it will complete a full review on the sector’s supply chain. The review’s main aim is to increase...

How Market Research can make your business successful

from LCR Future Energy

12th April 2018

Market research is vital for any business, at any stage in their journey. Why partake in it? Well, as we all know, knowledge is power, and the insights usually developed from conducting thorough and in-depth research can p...

The Growth of Electric Vehicles: The UK will need 25,000 EV Charging Points by 2030 to meet demand

from LCR Future Energy

29th March 2018

In a bid to encourage the public to buy electric vehicles the UK government have voiced plans to scrap sales of new diesel and petrol cars by 2040. With this huge increase of electric and hybrid vehicles on the road arises the hug...

UK Offshore Wind reveals 30 GW vision by 2030

from LCR Future Energy

21st March 2018

The UK’s Offshore Wind Industry Council yesterday released an ambitious plan to grow its capacity from its current 13GW to 30GW by 2030. The industry is aiming to work with the UK government on a transformative Sector Deal to deli...

Welcome, from our new team

from LCR Future Energy

19th March 2018

LCR Future Energy: "Powering Your Growth" Grants for Liverpool City Region's SMEs who target the renewable energy sector. LCR Future Energy is a pot of grant funding available to businesses ...


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