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With our support, grow or enter the Renewable Energy Supply Chain – and become part of this high growth £55bn market


Funded support and grants available - up to £7,500

LCR Future Energy is a £2.0 million business support programme delivered by Inventya Solutions, Liverpool John Moores University and Inventya Ltd. Support is funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the public and the private sector. It has been developed with and for the sector.

The flexible support will help SMEs to understand and meet the needs of the renewable energy supply chain and provide access to networking, promotional and contract opportunities.

The Renewable Energy Supply Chain


UK sales in the renewable energy supply chain


Forecasted UK sales growth to 2021/22

Globally, sales in the renewable energy supply chain exceed £1.68 trillion and are forecasted to grow by 47% to 2021/22. The UK’s share of sales represents £55 billion and is forecasted to grow by 60% to 2021/22 (kMatrix Ltd, 2016).

This is a young and rapidly growing sector, so now is the ideal opportunity for companies in Liverpool City Region to maximise their market share and achieve growth.

The supply chain is vast and multi-tiered and for example includes: developers, designers, engineering companies, technology providers, logistics, service providers, etc. Anything which goes into the development, installation and delivery of renewable energy is included, from the developers to the bolt manufacturers.

LCR Future Energy Will Provide:

An understanding of the requirements of the supply chain – Large companies and experienced SMEs will provide advice and information about how to secure and deliver contracts, for example, on process, proposal writing, presentations, quality standards, volumes, contractual expectations, etc.

Grants of up to £7,500 to build capability and capacity – A 30% grant contribution up to £7,500 is available to help fund the cost of external expertise to help SMEs to develop products, systems and processes required by the market.

Grants towards national and international tradeshow stand space – A 25% grant contribution up to £1,250 is available.

Procurement validation service – Liverpool John Moores University will provide bespoke procurement advice and guidance to help SMEs to secure contracts and manage their upstream and downstream supply chains. This will include an assessment of current practices and a gap analysis. Advice on responding to pre-qualifi cation questionnaires, the approach to the development of comprehensive tenders and communication with existing and new customers is also available.

A dedicated Business Advisor – to support you to make the most of the programme and assess how best to use the 12 hour support to increase sales for your organisation.

LCR Future Energy will also provide networking, promotional opportunities and promote contracts.

Are you eligible to participate?

LCR Future Energy will help SMEs in Liverpool City to build their capability and capacity and help them to access renewable supply chain opportunities.

To be eligible to participate companies should be:

  • An SME employing under 250 staff, with a turnover of less than €50 million
  • Located in the Liverpool City Region
  • Currently operating within the renewable energy supply chain OR
  • Require support to enter the renewable energy supply chain


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